Amazing Fingered Citron or Buddha’s Hand for Strong Body Constitution and Best for Herbal Remedies

Citrus fruit – Fingered Citron (or scientifically called Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis) is commonly found in European market like Paris, France. In China, Fingered Citron symbolizes happiness and long life. It is often used in displays at home and temple altars. In ancient China, this fruit is also used in herbal remedies such herbal tea. In Japan, the  citron is even given as a gift on new year as it is believed to bestow good fortune on a household.

Fingered Citron (or Buddha’s Hand as it is commonly called) is a distinct fruit variant in the citron family. Its aroma is sweet and lemony. But it has no juice or pulp.  The mild-tasting pith is not bitter, so the fruit can be zested or used whole. In the west especially European countries, the lack of bitterness makes the Fingered Citron or Buddha’s hand perfect for making candied citrus peel, which can be eaten by itself or use in baked goods. Sometimes, it is shaved thinly in slices and added to salad. The North-eastern Asian region the fruit has long been used as an ingredient to top the steamed tofu or fish.

While it is common in food, what is less well known about Fingered Citron is the medicinal properties of the fruit. Consumed regularly not only could restore the balance in your immunity system, it could also address the discomfort associated with stomach or spleen. Chinese medical practitioners often use it to soothe liver and regulate “qi” – internal flow of energy – so that the body restore its energy, resolve “dampness” which is an indication of immunity system under attack. The symptoms usually will manifest itself in cough and flu.

If qi is not flowing smoothly, spleen and stomach will be suffering from gastric and abdominal distending pain, nausea, vomiting and poor appetite. To avoid this situation, it is always advisable to take preventive measures such as consuming oriental herbal teas like APOH.

Now, there are many ready to drink manufacturers have realized the benefits and started leveraged on the wisdom of thousands of years in Fingered Citron. The natural goodness of Fingered Citron is now preserved through dehydrating process and combined with other Chinese herbs in tea sachet. Some even have turned the concoction into convenient ready to drink format.

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