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Verdura is now a Singapore company that has over three decades of experience. What makes Verdura unique is the delivery of affordable yet quality oriental herbal tea. Not only we owned our facilities, we ensure our quality lives up to the highest possible standards expected by USA and European customers. We adopted ISO 22000 and Halal certification to ensure our consumers can enjoy healthy living with peace of mind.

After 15 years of continuous presence in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternational trade herbs, organic products, more Inspired by the passion of healthy eating and contribution to our lives, rather than the ” commercial” incentive specializes in super foods and envision new era where there will be no consumer who has not realized that cornerstone of health is proper nutrition. All our efforts are focused to bring the best quality, reliable, efficient and affordable products and help as we did with the humble presence in NUTRITIONAL AWAKENING.

Our relentless efforts towards that goal has seen the first results of our collaboration with a renowned research centre in Singapore. We called it GlucoShield. Products that bear this shield has undergone research and process to ensure they have dual protections for our customers – protect and prevent against the damages by sugar inflammation.

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Verdura or United Nations of Tea are Asian manufacturers that use only the best oriental herbal tea ingredients to ensure highest quality and efficacy. They are among the very few brands in Singapore and Malaysia that provide convenience and unique online experience to consumers around the world. Not only the company owned the manufacturing facilities, it has also obtained ISO 22000 and Halal certification.

The herbal experience accumulated over almost 100 years has now been translated into a modern process that retained much of the arts of traditional production to ensure effectiveness in immunity boosting, nourishing of respiratory system and relieving the pain caused by lifestyle diseases such as gout.