8 Health Benefits of Gymnema

The most common names for this herb include “periploca of the woods” and “Australian cowplant.” But its Hindi name, “gurmar,” is the most interesting. It translates to “destroyer of sugar.”  This name is well-deserved: Gymnema sylvestre leaves can help prevent your taste buds from accessing sweet flavors, which gives Gymnema a laundry list of health benefits. […]

Amazing Fingered Citron or Buddha’s Hand for Strong Body Constitution and Best for Herbal Remedies

Citrus fruit – Fingered Citron (or scientifically called Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis) is commonly found in European market like Paris, France. In China, Fingered Citron symbolizes happiness and long life. It is often used in displays at home and temple altars. In ancient China, this fruit is also used in herbal remedies such herbal tea. In […]

Yin Chiao Benefits in Oriental Herbal Tea

Another great news brought to you by Verdura – best oriental herbal tea Yin chiao, also known as honeysuckle forsythia, is a traditional Chinese mixture of nine herbs developed to combat the symptoms of the common cold. This herbal therapy was widely used during the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic that plagued many Asian […]

Want to Prevent Colon Cancer? White Tea, a Natural Tea and Herbal Remedy may be the Answer

The present study demonstrates the antioxidant, anticancer and DNA protective effects of white tea,’ say Malaysian researchers White tea could slow the spread of colon cancer cells thanks to its antioxidant properties, claim researchers. The study published in Food Chemistry, investigated the effect white tea (Camellia sinensis) had on the proliferation of colon cancer cell HT-29. White […]